Please view James Destroy Diseases recent videos from May of 2015 to learn more about foods since this

is not a typical experience based on the information that was shown in the comment.

Products alone are usually not enough and a proper diet is very important!





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with Video Proof of ACTUAL emails, which have been sent directly from people who had ACTUAL  >>>> SUCCESS

with NATURE:

Hello James how have you been. I'm glad to tell u I am hsv2 freeee!!!! Thank u for all your knowledge your wonderful beyond belief!!!!!!  Sent to: James Destroy Diseases on 11/2/2015


On July 23, 2015 an email was sent to James Destroy Diseases stating a positive result:

Hello! How have you been James :) I'm still continuing to follow your diet and I'm getting stronger and stronger. This is my new email . I went to the doctors and got a blood test. The doctor didn't even want me to take a blood test. I had to demand it. I got my results back and they called and told me it was positive from past exposure. Does this mean the virus is gone or inactive? Please let me know any info thank you James :)




On September 11th, 2015 an email was sent to James Destroy Diseases:


Hi James, 

You saved my life. I don't know how to repay you brother.

It took me 2 bottle of Oregano old and 2 Olive leaf extract and i was cured.

4 months on a veggie diet and i am a new person now.

I lost 4 kilos both it was worth it. 

Herpes gone!!!!


Best regards,


/ Smith







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